Festival FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions ...and a few infrequent ones

For four days in July, we are a community; neighbors living respectfully near each other. The Festival rules provide guidelines to make the weekend safe and enjoyable for everyone. Attendees agree to these rules when they buy tickets to the event. We, as organizers of the event, will hold fans responsible for appropriate behavior during the Festival.

Tickets & Wristbands

Tickets and wristband are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. Your wristband will be mailed to you approximately four weeks prior to the Festival. Leave your wristband on for the duration of the Festival, it is non-transferrable.

Vehicles & Parking

VIP and Handicap Parking is for day use. The only overnight Festival parking is at campsites. Every vehicle entering the Festival property must have a vehicle pass, there are no exceptions to this rule. Two motorcycles may park in one car space.

Safety & Courtesy

It's just like you were told in grade school, no running. The only difference is we won’t make you walk to the end of the hall just to walk back. For the same reason, no ATVs, Golf Carts, or OHVs are permitted on Festival grounds.

Don't Be a Jerk

Use safe and considerate behavior wherever possible. Everyone is here to have fun! You don't have to be on your best church behavior, but act like your mom and grandma can see what you're doing. Fighting, harassment, and drunken rowdy behavior won’t be tolerated.

Meet 'n' Greet Passes

Meet 'n' Greet passes are not for sale. Throughout the year we offer opportunities for our fans to win these passes through contests on our Facebook page. "Like" our Facebook page for your chance to win. Occasionally, artists offer Meet 'n' Greet passes through their websites, newsletters and fan clubs. Check out your favorite CXMF artists' pages to see if there’s an opportunity waiting for you!

Assistive Listening Devices

Fans who are hearing impaired may wish to check out an assistive listening device (ALD). An ALD is a small receiver with ear buds or headphones that picks up the sound from the sound system, allowing the individual to adjust the volume to their liking. The Festival uses FM assistive listening systems. ALDs may be checked out at Will Call.

It is recommended you reserve your ALD by July 16
Email info@cxfest.com. Please include your cell phone number and note if use a hearing aid with a telecoil. There is no fee to use the ALD but photo ID and a deposit is required to ensure return of the device.

What can I bring onto Festival grounds?


Chairs are not provided in the General Admission seating area. Fans must bring their own chair; carrying it in and out of the Festival grounds each night. Bring your standard height (no taller than 40 inches) foldable outdoors chair, the one you take out camping! High-back, sand, reclining, double and extra-wide chairs and blanket seating are not permitted.

Recording Devices

Digital, film and disposable cameras. Please do not bring any professional-grade equipment such as GoPros or SLR cameras.

Service Animals

Service animals are defined by the ADA as dogs that are independently trained to do work or perform duties for people with disabilities. Service dogs will be allowed to enter with their owner. Service animals must be cared for and under the control of their handler at all times. Pets that provide comfort or emotional support are not considered service animals and will not be allowed in the Festival.

Personal Storage

Medium-sized backpacks, purses and fanny packs.


All ages are welcome! Minors under 18 must have an adult or parent with them.

Kids ages 8 and under are admitted free to GA!

Ages 9 and up must have a wristband. Children ages 2 and under are admitted free inside the reserved seating section if they are sitting on an adult’s lap. Children ages 3 and up require a full-price ticket to sit in this area.

Parents can fill out a contact card and a volunteer will make matching wristbands for the child and parents. This will help security find parents in the event they’re separated from their child.


Strollers are permitted inside the music venue, but may not enter any seating areas other than general admission.

Sun Safety

Bring your sunglasses and sunscreen—you'll be glad you did.

Bottled Water
You may bring in your own bottled water (limit two 20-ounce bottles per patron) as long as the packaging is still factory sealed.

Personal Water Bottles
You may bring in an empty, non-glass Hydroflask or Kleen Kanteen-type water bottle, just be sure it's empty before you reach the entry gate.

Heat Relief
Shade tents and misting tents are available for you to relax in at the Festival.

Adult Habits

You may bring your cigarettes and lighters with you. There are smoking areas located inside the beer garden, as well as other designated areas on the property. Smoking is permitted in designated areas ONLY.

What is prohibited on Festival grounds?


No knives, guns, swords, explosives or other weapons of any kind. No chains or chain wallets.

Outside Food & Beverages

With the exception of factory sealed water bottles (limit two 20 ounce bottles per patron), no personal food or beverages are permitted inside the Festival. You may bring an empty, non-glass water bottle.


Coolers are not permitted in the music venue.


Pets are not allowed inside the Festival venue or in any of the parking areas intended for day-use. Animals are absolutely, under no circumstances, to be left inside vehicles; this applies to the camping area as well. It is far too hot. Nothing will corral a posse of angry, animal-loving country music fans faster than a dying dog in a hot car. Plus, we'll kick you out faster than you can spit.


This should go without saying—it's the middle of summer in Southern Oregon.

Obnoxious & Illegal Alcohol Consumption

This is a family Festival. For the safety and enjoyment of others, Festival attendees may not over-consume alcohol or bring outside alcohol into the music venue. If you do so, your weekend with us is over. You will be ejected from the Festival. You must be of legal drinking age to consume alcohol on the Festival grounds.


No drugs or drug paraphernalia. If you bring them onto the property, your weekend with us is over.

Recording Devices

Audio and video recording are prohibited. GoPros, SLR cameras, as well as all other cameras with a removable lens, both film and digital, are not allowed inside the Festival.

Visual Obstructions

Flags—you wouldn't want that waving in your field of view while you're watching a show either. Tents—keep 'em in your camping area. Umbrellas (parasols if you're feeling extra fancy)—you can shade yourself between acts, but you must put it away when the artist or emcee takes the stage. We've provided shade tents for you to relax in at the Festival. Certain types of seating—sand chairs, reclining chairs, double or extra wide chairs, high back chairs and blankets—may not be used for seating on Festival grounds. Finally, posters—it's great that you want to share your love, just don't do it on anything that's larger than an 11x17 sheet of paper.