Traffic Plan, Festival Parking & Shuttles

Peninger Road Closed!

Please note that Peninger Road will be closed to through traffic during the Festival, only authorized vehicles will be permitted.


Do not drop off passengers at the Expo!

We cannot stress this enough: Festival attendees may not be dropped off in front of or around the Expo. This is about safety, traffic flow and being considerate of neighbors. Policies were set in place by the Sheriff and Roads Department of Jackson County with this in mind.

This No Drop Off Policy will be enforced and the area will be patrolled by Jackson County Sheriff's deputies and Central Point Police. Signs will be in place to remind you of this policy as you approach the Expo. Failure to adhere to these rules could result in offenders' wristbands getting cut.

Rules are rules. We all have to follow them.

We want to hold this event at the Expo for years to come. Ignoring these rules could hurt a lot more than your wallet. The Festival is held accountable for policy violations and must abide by the same rules. We need our fans' cooperation to ensure there's a Second Annual Country Crossings Music Festival at the Jackson County Expo.

So, regardless of what you might've heard from enterprising neighbors or local purveyors of travel snacks, take it from us—on-site drop off is an emphatic NO.

VIP Parking

VIP Parking is located on Peninger Road, within walking distance to the venue. Starting at noon on Thursday, vehicles with a VIP window decal will have access to Peninger Road. Pedicabs will be available for hire for $10 per person to transport fans from VIP Parking to the gate.

VIP & HCP Parking directions coming soon

Handicap Parking & Camping

Handicap Parking and Camping will be located on Peninger Road, near the South entrance to the Festival. Starting at noon on July 26, vehicles with a HCP parking placard or window decal will have access to Peninger Road. Fans may walk directly to the gate or hire one of the available Pedicabs.

VIP & HCP Parking directions coming soon

Map, Directions & Important Information

Maps and directions to the parking areas are be published on our website. Please see our Travel Maps page for more information. Travel routes to each parking area will also be marked during the Festival. We encourage fans to follow the signs and not rely on GPS as final routing will be determined, in part, by County Traffic Control and the Sheriff.

Parking Shuttles

Parking and Shuttle information is coming soon!