KidZone Entertainment

Thursday 2-7PM • Friday-Saturday 10AM-8PM • Sunday 10AM-7PM

Cowboy Buck & Elizabeth

Cowboy Buck & Elizabeth put on a high energy show which includes interactive musical comedy with dance, sing-along and ventriloquism. Their music and their personalities are sure to charm audiences of all ages.

Thursday 2:15 • 4:15PM • 6:15PM
Friday-Sunday 10:15AM • 12:15PM • 2:15PM • 4:15PM • 6:15PM

Toddler Zone

The Toddler Zone is the perfect place to take a moment out with your little ones. Enjoy a seat in the shade while your toddler plays in an area created just for them.


Grab a friend and sink as many baskets as you can in 30 seconds!

Calf Roping

Giddyup, buckeroo! Learn how to spin a lasso and rope a calf! Certified vegan and cruelty free.

Face Painting

Don a secret disguise! Frighten evil-doers, demand candy, declare a boycott on vegetables– no one will expect it from a butterfly or lizard.

Balloon Animals

See what the balloon zookeepers can twist up for you!


Just like a carnival, except it’s free!